The Poor, The Orphans, The Widows, and Being a Heretic

Right now I'm reading large chunks of the Bible everyday and I'm seeing a trend that I never noticed before. Well, I've noticed it, but not to the extent that is becoming apparent. That theme is God's love and concern for the poor, widows, orphans, and sojourners. We all know that Jesus taught and modeled what our attitude toward those who can't take care of themselves and speak up for themselves looks like the in Kingdom of God. He modeled mercy in opening the eyes of the blind, touching … [Read more...]

It Isn’t Love OR Truth

I feel like we're awesome at leaning into extremes. With politics in America, the majority is either republican OR democrat. Even though both have huge downfalls. In the Church we tend to have a lot of extremes. Charismatic OR cessationism. Love and grace OR truth and knowledge. We desperately need balance. Too often I hear brothers and sisters bashing one another for caring too much about theology, claiming that all this study time could be used "loving" people, whatever that … [Read more...]

Going to Church

"So where do you go to church?" For years I've shuddered at that question. Every time I met someone who was a Christian I would quietly hope they wouldn't ask that question upon learning I too loved Jesus. The reason is because that question would end up turning into a 15 minute (give or take) explanation about how I disagree with the traditional church structures and instead tried to  meet exclusively in open meetings with other people who love Jesus, try to live in Christ-centered … [Read more...]

Testing All Things

"...but test everything; hold fast what is good." - 1 Thessalonians 5:21 When I first read this passage years ago, my life changed dramatically. A lightbulb went on in my head. Immediately it hit me that the beliefs and doctrines I grew up with, that I assumed were all correct, may have not been so correct after all. Or at the very least, I really didn't know why I believed many of the things I believed. I hadn't tested all things. Instead I had gathered up all sorts of teachings and … [Read more...]

Learning to Read The Bible

I've been learning how to read the Bible for a while now. I've been a Christian, or rather around Christianity at least, for most of my life. Since I was about 6. I've been familiar with the Bible, the stories. etc. for equally as long. But I feel like I'm finally starting to learn how to read the Bible. You see, for so long I would read a passage or verse in the Bible and project my culture and circumstances onto the passage in order to get its meaning and apply it to my life. I have grown … [Read more...]