Walking with Christ Daily

…it is in walking with Him daily, we learn to hear His voice. And if we expect to hear more, we must first walk out what we have already heard.” – DeVern Fromke, Life’s Ultimate Privilege.

Everyday we have the choice to walk with the Lord. While we are never separated from His love and while our salvation is secure in Him, we often miss out on living the new life we have in Christ.

There is so much daily that calls to us. Immediately upon waking we’re pulled toward our phones, toward social media and email. Often before eating we’re already far too aware of what’s going on in the world outside. We’re already anxious about the day ahead and all the tasks we need to complete. Already we can’t catch our breath. While this is a habit – a bad habit to be sure – it is still a choice. We have a choice to begin walking with Christ and fellowshipping with Him throughout the whole day, but it begins with turning to Him first thing in the morning.

The Example of Jesus

We see many times in the gospels that even Jesus would go away to be alone and fellowship with the Father. He would rise early in the morning before the sun was even up in order to get alone and pray. Jesus relied on a life outside of his own. He relied on the indwelling life of the Father to live his own life. Jesus, Lord of the world and through whom everything was created, had to get alone with the Father and had to rely on the Father’s life in him in order to live and move. Not just once, but repeatedly.

If Jesus himself needed that, how much more do we need it? We too are to live by the life of Christ in us. And this is a very practical thing. There is far more that can be said on this but one simple habit can be formed that will make all the difference in the world. Waking to seek the Lord and to fellowship with him.

Giving him our first thoughts and first bit of energy sets the stage for the day. But that’s just the first step. We then have the incredible privilege of walking with Christ throughout the day. We can walk out everything we have received and learned of Christ and we will in fact receive more. And every bit of knowledge and revelation that we receive in walking with Christ is simply another aspect of him. It is Christ himself that we continue receiving. And because his riches are unsearchable we will never have cause to stop or to slow down.

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