We’re All Castaways in Need of Rope

The title of this post comes from one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite artists, Josh Garrels.

This line of his song Farther Along has stuck with me since the first time I heard it. It’s made me realize the fact that all of us are on the same level. Whether living in the suburbs and successful or living in poverty, whether sober and happy or addicted and depressed, we’re all castaways in need of rope. Each and every one of us has to rely completely on Christ and his grace. We can work our hands to the bone and still never atone.

(That line was compliments of a different song.)

For those who us who are currently followers of Christ, in our theological and doctrinal discussions we’re all just creating signs that point into the fog. Our words and explanations of God in his greatness and of what Christ has done and is doing pales in comparison to the reality. It’s good and it’s needed for sound teaching and I believe our discussions and explorations are vital, but we have to realize that none of us has it all down. Yes, there are some things that are certain, but even those must be approached with humility and awe. And in that we must remember that Christ himself is the point and Christ himself is the truth.

We all, equally, need grace from Christ each new day. We all need the rope thrown down to us to keep us from drowning. Regardless of background, current situations, or point of view.


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