I don’t need an opinion

Every time I look at Twitter, YouTube, etc. I see something very clearly: everyone has an opinion about everything. These days, we’re all expected to be experts in everything from nutrition to politics. We fill our bios with our stance on every hot topic of the day. But why? What if I just don’t chime… Continue reading I don’t need an opinion

We’ve been duped

I’ve been feeling digital fatigue for quite some time now. If you and I are “connected” online, you’ve probably noticed over the last year or two that I’ve been much quieter. But don’t let that fool you – I’m still there everyday. Scrolling, tapping, reading, watching. Endlessly as the world continues to drift by around… Continue reading We’ve been duped

In praise of personal sites

There was a time when the internet was far more enjoyable than it is these days. There was less social media, social media was actually kinda fun, there were fewer ads, etc. One thing that made this time so great was that so many more people had personal sites / blogs. But then somewhere along… Continue reading In praise of personal sites