We’ve been duped

I’ve been feeling digital fatigue for quite some time now. If you and I are “connected” online, you’ve probably noticed over the last year or two that I’ve been much quieter. But don’t let that fool you – I’m still there everyday. Scrolling, tapping, reading, watching. Endlessly as the world continues to drift by around me.

You and I have been duped. We were promised community and connection.

We were promised knowledge and unfettered access to answers for all the questions we might have.

But we were lied to.

Instead of connection and community we found ourselves less connected. Instead of using social media to nurture our real life relationships, it came between them. We exchanged phones calls and drop-ins for the tapping of a little heart icon. Instead of being together, we’ve been alone together.

Have you ever noticed how depressing and sad it really is to look around at a family gathering and realize that everyone is just staring at a tiny screen?

I’ve been with friends, enjoying the type of conversation that’s only found at a late hour with a glass of bourbon, only to look up and see one on their phone. Scrolling, liking, texting, and responding to emails. I’d feel less alone at home on the couch with my dogs.

We’ve been lied to and manipulated. Social media and other tech conglomerates have created solutions to problems we didn’t have. And they’ve made quite the profit from it. You don’t even have to get into the science and studies to understand how your brain has been rewired.

These days, you find it hard to concentrate deeply. You go online to find direction for your life instead contemplating who you are and where you want to go in silence.

So what now? How do we fix this?

I have no answers to share here. At least not right now. I think it’s important to first sit with the problem in order to understand the gravity of the situation.