I don’t need an opinion

Every time I look at Twitter, YouTube, etc. I see something very clearly: everyone has an opinion about everything.

These days, we’re all expected to be experts in everything from nutrition to politics. We fill our bios with our stance on every hot topic of the day.

But why?

What if I just don’t chime in with my opinion at all? Or, what if I don’t have an opinion and have no interest in reading about a topic long enough to form one?

Is that ok?

You see, this is how the social media algorithms manipulate us. These systems were designed to trigger us. To bring out an emotion and a response.

Why? Well, because that’s how they make money. The longer they can keep you staring at your screen, the more ad revenue they can make.

This all carries over into the real world too. We’re expected to share our thoughts on every little thing even during in person conversations, because that’s what we’ve been conditioned to do online. It’s exhausting.

Instead, perhaps we should be slower to speak and slower to think. That practice in self-control seems much better than always faking or forcing an opinion. Perhaps instead we can state those three simple words:

I don’t know.