Quincy Zikmund

Why I'm blogging again

Back in the glory days of the internet, when social media was just becoming mainstream, I used to blog regularly. I would write and publish a post anywhere from 1 - 3 times a week.

I didn't monetize my blog and I had no dreams of my personal site becoming a business. It was simply a place for me to share things that were on my mind and lessons learned from books I was reading.

Fast forward many years and what we have is the current state of the internet.

Everything is an ad. Everyone is an influencer. And the algorithms determine what we see and dictate what we post. And for some reason they insist on the entire population becoming video producers.

It's an endless game that I lost my taste for long ago.

That's why I'm attempting to blog again. I need somewhere to get my thoughts and opinions out without distraction and without too much tech.

If the internet stresses you out as much as it does me, might I suggest starting your own blog?

Or heck, maybe just quit the social internet altogether.

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